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Thanks to the info in this thread:

I have got VOIP SIP packets being detected for QOS as shown in my screenshot above.

Based on the advice from ppalias I am now only limiting outgoing traffic from my network.

However I still have a problem with VOIP calls: when the network is busy we are getting regular drop outs in the voice. However this is only affecting us: The caller hears everything OK but we miss parts of what they are saying. This suggests to me that the QOS I have applied for outgoing packets is working well but because there is not QOS on incoming packets we are losing information.

As our internet connection is ADSL and the upload speed is much slower than the download speed surely it should be possible for me to get this working better. The outgoing call quality is fine. Incoming is the problem but there is much more bandwidth that way.

Is there definitely no point in trying to prioritise incoming SIP packets? I’ve done some reading around and I’m not able to come up with anything that will help me set up ‘limiting outgoing rates of ACKs’ as suggested above.

Any help gratefully received.