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Yeah! 😀 I recovered the admin password! Below you can find how:

In my situation I have a rackserver with 2 SATA disks (RAID 0). So I forgot the admin password after a change, well lets go recovering! In my case the Zeroshell filesystem and the config are on /dev/sda1

1. I installed a basic release of Fedora while leaving the current Zeroshell filesystems intact.
2. After installation I issued the “mount /dev/sda1 /mnt”
3. In /mnt my “_DB.00x” directory appeared.
4. Without any new mounts I could simply CD to /mnt/_DB.001/var/register/system/ldap en view the file rootpw.
5. I did not need to edit the rootpw file since the password was visible unencrypted. (lucky for me)

So I am back in business! Thanks ppalias for the tip!