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Hello Again ,

I am a little bit confused. My goal is to construct a Site to site VPN. What I understand of this is a Router to router VPN. So, I did the following:
1.- Install the Zeroshell.
2.- Add two interfaces network and network. as you can see below in the image. I setup a default route =
3.- My goal is to achieve from to the network(i.e.:host
4.- I set up the vpn object with my understandig of the following parameters:
remote host= and gateway = auto.
5.- As it describe in the documentation, I added an IP ( to the interface VPN00.
6.- And Finally I had to add a static route. And here is where I have got the error. In my understanding I set , the following parameters:
Destination = the domain network with its mask.
Gateway= the remote router (
metric = 0

You can see my network in the following image

THANX in Advance