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Hi Hminkoong,
I also upgraded the driver and it didn’t apparently help.
But I solved the problem anyway.
There are two main problems that Sierra Modem does not handle as many others:
1. You don’t have to store an AT+COPS command in the profile. Please reset it with AT+COPS=0 and store the configuration in the profile
If you don’t do this, any IP connection will fail both on USB2 and USB0 (you will not receive any IP Address).
2. If you want to use USB0, you will have to do this steps:
A. store the APN in the profile and then use *99***1# instead of *99#
The “1” in that string is the profile number where the APN is stored.
B. go in the root/kerbynet.cgi/scripts folder and edit 3Gconnect script
change the string from:
The first string (OK/ERROR) is the one expected after the script send the APN. So you will wait the “ERROR” string in order to go on 🙁
Sierra Modems apparently does not accept the APN on the USB0.
Please note that this change is a bad procedure since resetting zeroshell will restore the original script. You should modify the template instead. (I did not have time for that).
Remember to store the APN in the profile using minicom to the USB2 port.

There are many extended commands in this modem. To understand that you need the official docs and password from a Sierra reseller. Otherwise try to google for them. They are under NDA, so I can’t talk about them.