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Yup, this was in the gui, I had 60. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Had 60, deleted the last four, then saved, and they came back. If I disabled them and saved, it kept them as disabled, and if I re-enabled them, then saved, they were active again, but after deleting and saving again, they came back.

Then to make it even more strange, I had 60 active rules once, then lowered it to 16, by deleting the others, 17-60, didn’t save until all 17-60 were deleted, then saved, the old 17th one, repeated itself from 17-60. I had my good active 1-16, and 17-60 were all the same, and I couldn’t delete 17-60 with the gui. The console displayed on 17 though, the 16 good ones, and the 17th one that repeated itself in the gui, but only displayed as one active one in the console.

It appears I can add however many from the console/ssh, add/remove etc, but the gui must have a capacity of 60. If I removed from…

rm -rf 002 (or what ever rule #)

then it will disappear on the gui and the console.