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Does anyone else experience this problem, or perhaps not enough people have close to 50-60 rules, that they don’t notice it? I’d really like to put much more than 60 in, using the web interface, that’s one of Zeroshell’s greatest features, its gui for iptabels. I can use manual additions to the FW Rules directory, but it’s tedious due to there being multiple directories for one rule i.e, FIN, NEW, Opt, DestinationIP, DSCP, etc. Does anyone know where the scripts are that after applying changes to the web gui, it updates the gui and iptables, and I could try some troubleshooting?

Same thing happens in the QoS classifier sections as well. With two rules each to classify one subnet’s upload and download, the classifier section can add up quickly, and become full. Same for the firewall section.