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@atheling wrote:

I am doing this on my Zeroshell setup but am using ETH00 to do it (ETH01 is my other ISP with ETH02, ETH03 and ETH04 being internal networks).

My DSL modem/router uses its default address for management. I have configured Zeroshell’s ETH00 as with NAT so you can access the DSL modem/router at

On the DSL modem/router I have configured it to bridge ATM to Ethernet.

On Zeroshell I have created PPP0 and set it up to use ETH00 for PPPoE.
Zeroshell handles the PPP session with the ISP. I can access the DSL modem via a web browser for any management issues.

I believe that the original question asked about an equivalent setup, so yes it is possible.

@Eliminateur wrote:

indeed i confirm the findings, putting the ETH01 interface to the NAT as well i was able to access the modem webadmin, no other rule needed

Thanks for this, this is exactly what I wanted to do to be able to access the Web GUIs on my pair of Vigor 120 DSL modems through my ZS. (the bit I was missing was setting my ETH02/ETH03 interfaces to NAT as well as the associated ppp0/ppp1interfaces).

For clarity, I have this configuration:

ETH02/ppp0 – ADSL1
ETH03/ppp1 – ADSL2