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After some more fiddling i tested a rule and explicitly selected an interface for input and output and voila!, now it detects and works….

this is obviously a bug, because, for example, i want to limit IRC, instead of building a simple L7 classifier and assigning it to both interfaces now i have to create 2 rules and 2 classifiers for each direction(in ppp and out ppp) which sucks

addendum 1: more testing
i cannot limit P2P upload, i built a rule with source ip and source port:
4 * * MARK tcp opt — in * out * -> tcp spt:3827 MARK set 0xb P2PUL yes

it marks packets but WAAAAY below what it should, i mean, it’smarking 40kbits with a 40kbit max limit but on the emule side i see it happily uploading @80kbits….