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you’re talking about upstream traffic, which i have covered.

I’m talking about downstream as i have two egress points and i want to know how each queue BW and priority compete between eachother or how do they interact in this case.

(i.e. i set eth0 for 200 kbit guaranteed+max download for http and i start downloading @200kbps merrily. Then on ETH02 i set the same with 3Mbit which is the maximum rate of my modem, what happens now?, does the system realize it’s all coming from one point and priorize accordingly or all hell breaks loose and i get shitty performance?

With the sum of the “global” bw for each ETH i’m exceeding the adsl total, but i can’t declare 50% for wach as that’ll kill my Bw for each interface.

you get my point?