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Can anyone post detailed process for patching a system??

I’ve tryed copying the patch to kerbynet.cgi folder and then issuing the command:

patch -p0 < Zeroshell.3.patch

And that patches 6 files on the scripts folder

patching file scripts/fw_initrules
patching file scripts/fw_makerule
patching file scripts/fw_start
patching file scripts/fw_viewchain
patching file scripts/nb_fw
patching file scripts/nb_setautomarking

BUT when I reboot the system the changes are lost and If I DONT reboot the system when I try to modify rules on the QoS classifier and click on “Confirm” to save and close the popup with the rule details, it doesnt close and I get:

iptables: No chain/target/match by that name

in red text at the bottom of the window.

Help anybody?

Thanks in advance,