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Thanks for the response, ppalias…

That’s what I thought too, and the reason I tried to undue the bridge – but – reversing it to get a working connection wasn’t getting me anywhere fast. There wasn’t any way I found to remove it unless I used the web interface, but I lost connectivity after trying it.

As I was going through it, I noticed the logs were showing it as having 1 last link to something, and never let go of it to fully delete it. I went through every screen that referenced the bridge (NAT, QoS, etc.), and unset anything that showed the bridge being used, but it still showed in the network list no matter what. I figured I’d try a reboot, in case it was a background process that wasn’t stopping. That just left me with a brick, and nothing but fail-safe (and a profile restore) would give me anything to connect to again.

Obviously it’s not as easy – for me, anyway – to delete a bridge, as it was to create one. Is there a certain procedure to follow in removing it without having to start from scratch? Even a set of CLI commands – if the interface won’t be helpful.