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Hi Xmas/all

Thank you for this fantastic documentation of how it’s done!

For any of those out there who may benefit, I thought I’d comment on my experience on installing VMtools into ZS;

– My ZS(s) runs off VMware VMDK disks on ESX 4.1

– Initial ZS install was just extracting the USB/SATA img to a 2Gb disk with DD (this was the quickest / cleanest method I came across for a VM)

– I’ve partitioned the spare 1Gb (left over from the imaging process) and formatted as ext3

– During the process documented above, I found that upon installing modules into the target directory (/Database) that the script would halt with a ‘no space remaining warning’ – I cleaned up the filesystem as best I could, still no joy. The image on disk occupies close to 700/800Mb I think. Anyway, moving on…

– I mounted the spare 1Gb partition and used that to copy/build upon

– The ‘’ script mentioned needed to be placed elsewhere, so I chose the /Database dir, gave it some ‘chmod +x’

– Added the mkdir and mount commands for the 1gb partition to, so that the partition with the vmtools on was accessible, before the daemon is started

I’ll come back for this one, and get the vmxnet3 nailed. Not sure that I need to memory-balloon my ZS router/NAT/VPN/DNS though!!
Thanks for the info Xmas, and thank you ZS!