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@atheling wrote:

From the image you linked to it looks like you found one of the documents I have been learning from. 🙂

I haven’t played much with the nat tables so I don’t have personal experience with the REDIRECT target. I did find this however: and it says

The REDIRECT target is used to redirect packets and streams to the machine itself.

So it would seem that filter target is not doing what you want. I am guessing, and I emphasize the word guessing, that you would need to NAT those packets to get them to your desired destination and also to have the returned packets get back to your original LAN client machine. Not sure if masquerade or SNAT is needed. (Like I wrote, I haven’t done much with NAT other than follow a couple of cookbooks.)

And I don’t see how using alternative ports actually fixes your problem.

Thanks. I should practice my reading skills… the thing about the redirect target was clearly on the manual.

Using alternative ports MIGHT have an impact… I know it’s possible to have a some kind of redirector addon on Firefox. I click a link “” and the redirector changes the address to “”. If the requests that have port 1235 as a destination port are matched to go out of a specific gateway and then destination port changed back to 80 -> I have a functionality to manually select static target gateway.

I think that SNAT in postrouting won’t work… because I don’t know the destination IP address and I have dynamic WAN IP addresses.

I only want to modify the outgoing IP packet’s destination port field.