Reply To: Multiple gateways.


I am not exactly sure how to do a drawing but here is an actual example situation.

Say you have:




Both of these interfaces use the gateway What I am confused about is how would you setup the netbalancer to do this as it ignores setting the interface when you set an IP. IE: the entry would be the same for both so how would it know what interface to send the traffic to?

Also what if you don’t necessarily want load balancing but just have two connections (not balanced). I don’t see anywhere you can do this on zeroshell as I don’t see anywhere to set gateway IP addresses other than the net balancer (there is no option to do this in the network setup). You can only set the default GW but what about gateways that you don’t want as the default IE: it only to work when a program binds to that specific IP on that interface?

I am not currently doing this is currently I have it setup like this:

And the net balancer looks like:

The thing I am worried about is what happens if ETH00,ETH01,ETH02, etc.. were all on the same subnet and thus all shared the same gateway. How does the netbalancer associate the gateway IP address with an interface? If it doesn’t (as it just assumes they will all be different) this appears to be a flaw to me or am I just missing something here?

Basically I can use everything on different subnets right now as I am still doing testing where I can use whatever IPs I want but I am worried about in the actual setup that the internet connections of the other office might have two interfaces that are on the same subnet and thus have the same gateway IP address which I believe will cause problems.