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Not sure what you mean by “bridged roadwarrior” but you can set up ZS to be the terminus of a VPN and then set your laptop (or other roadwarrior machine) to VPN to your LAN.

In my setup I’ve configured my laptop’s VPN client so that when I connect the ZS shell box all traffic goes through the VPN. Is this what you mean by “bridged”?

When using the VPN I can surf the web or check email from an open wireless network at a library or restaurant confident of my privacy and security as everything goes encrypted to my ZS router and then from there to the Internet or the servers on my LAN.

The setup of OpenVPN on ZS is quite straight forward. I’ve only done it once since it worked for me the first time… Getting the client setup on my laptop was pretty easy too. If this is what you want and need some assistance I am sure we can help.