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My company is an Internet service provider. We provide DSL and T1 lines to various customers. While we are troubleshooting this issue, we are using DSL service that we provide. So the connection from our Core router goes out through the connection to our DSL vendor and then in through a phone line into our office and into a3Com 3030 router. We then have the LAN-side of this 3Com 3030 router going into one of the WAN ports of the Zero Shell server.

Here is a tracert when our DSL connection is the Default Gateway:

C:Documents and Settingsstudent>tracert
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 reports: Destination host unreachable.
Trace complete.

Here is the routing table on ZeroShell:

Destination Netmask Type Metric Gateway Interface Flags State Source Net 0 none ETH00 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH02 U Up Auto Net 0 none VPN99 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH01 U Up Auto Net 1 ETH02 UG Up Static
DEFAULT GATEWAY Net 0 none ETH02 U Up Auto

You’ll see that the DEFAULT GATEWAY is pointing to ETH02. This is the connection to our DSL router.

The static routes on the DSL router are:
ip route-static preference 60
ip route-static preference 80

The DSL router is supposed to take the traffic from ZeroShell and send it out to the internet and then back, but according to the tracert above, ZeroShell isn’t sending the traffic to the DSL router. is the WAN IP address of the ZeroShell server that connects to the LAN-side of the DSL router.

When I try to ping my core router and the 3Com 3030 router from a workstation on the LAN 10.150.1.x network, pings are successful, but whenever I try to access a website on the internet through the DSL connection it fails at the ZeroShell connection.

I only have NAT turned on for the Cable connection. Our DSL connection has NAT performed on the firewall that is directly in front of the Core router.