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I created an /etc/iftab but even after renaming the interfaces and making entries in /var/register zeroshell was saying ‘hardware removed’ on the network configuration page.

I think I tracked down the issue to sysfs not being mounted. After I edited the hardware detection script which runs a for loop to load modules and after that everything appears to be working as expected from the web-interface. Also interesting enough the dev order is the same of what my iftab was even though I removed the ifrename command in the hardware detection script. I will be testing it out a bit more today.

The only issue left I have (that I know of) is that when I connect to SSH the text is all mesed up and I get an error about the terminal. This is also preventing me from logging in via SSH. I get the same type of output even when doing ssh localhost from the zeroshell box itself. Here is what it looks like:

Anyone have any ideas what could cause this?