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That’s indeed a smart solution. Are you routing all traffic from these internal PCs to a specific gateway or are you performing some selection?

I have resorted to a different solution as I have yet another problem. I’m using one DSL (PPPoE) and one Cable Modem (DHCP) connections. When I use the net balancer, for some reason the Cable Modem (DHCP) does not play well.

My guess is that ZS is not using the default gateway provided by DHCP in the netbalance, therefore the “path” is there, but with a router assigned. So any packed sent over the cable modem path goes nowhere.

So I’ve included a small router between the cable modem and ZS. Now ZS sees the Cable modem path as a fixed IP and net balance works fine with the DSL (PPPoE). A side effect is that the router is also handling the Dynamic DNS for the Cable modem connection.

ZS needs to include proper handling for modems that work with DHCP. There are Cable and DSL modem that work that way. The are 3 areas that need to be addressed:

a) The way netbalance see the connection (the gateway is dynamic)
b) There can be a Dynamic DNS assigned to it. In fact this will be true also for multiple PPPoE connections
c) Like PPPoE, there need to be a “Use this a the default gateway” setting, so that it will be handled properly during changes.