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I got a simple QoS bridge setup.


Make your bridge

Make your classes as needed, say 1meg, 768k, etc. in the class manager.

In the QoS interface manager, add the “upload” speed, say the 768k, to the ETH02, and the “download” of 1meg, to the ETH03 interface, save and activate at the top.

Go to the QoS classifier, new, add a “Download” rule that is src=blank, and dest= the host ip, or subnet, then choose the target class of the 1meg.

Then make a new rule, in reverse, for the “upload”. src=the host ip/subnet, and dest=blank, and choose the 768k target class.

Then choose save at the top.

Or you can create just one class called, say 5meg, and add it to both the ETH02 and ETH03, then create the same rules, but point towards the same 5meg class on both rules. If using a subnet, then this entire subnet will share an symmetric 5meg service. Fun stuff.

I don’t have net balancing though, just a basic bridge, not sure if that matters.