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[Problem soleved]
I tried again but this time following Cristian Colombini instructions at
The only different this time is that I followed the exact instructions:

root@zeroshell root> cd /mnt/
root@zeroshell mnt> mkdir chiavetta
root@zeroshell mnt> ls
chiavetta loop1
root@zeroshell mnt>

root@zeroshell mnt> cd /
root@zeroshell /> mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/chiavetta
root@zeroshell />

and then:

root@zeroshell /> cd /mnt/chiavetta
root@zeroshell chiavetta>

root@zeroshell chiavetta> gunzip -c zeroshell.img.gz>/dev/hda

instead of using the /mnt/loop1 as in the other instructions

Wish I knew what was the problem. I am not good in Italian but may be chiavetta made the trick:-)