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Unfortunately, using the older version turned out to be not such a good option. It requires the client user to have Administrative rights (a couple of options can get around it but none of them I liked very much). So that, at least for me, is out.

Good news is, after some googling and tinkering, I think I have found a fix. I found on a debian list, something that sounds like the same issue (bug #600166) and at least a temporary resolution. Using this as a guide, I made a change to a script on a test ZS box which changes one of the “push” options slightly.

On line 61 of “/root/kerbynet.cgi/scripts/vpn_start”:
” PUSHNETS0=”route remote_host net_gateway 1″

Replace “remote_host” with “OPENVPN_REMOTE_PEER

Routes are now added and removed correctly with all three tested client programs and the default gateway is left alone (and not deleted on disconnect). After multiple connects and disconnects I am satisfied that it is working like it should. I assume that this change will not survive a reboot but I haven’t checked.