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No problem Matt.

Yes, I did try — it’s still a requirement to become administrator. I haven’t seen any release notes for the upgrade of ZeroShell, and haven’t had time to try anything there either.

The upgrade cleaned up the configuration a lot. For me, I’m using:

remote 1194
resolv-retry infinite

proto tcp

auth-user-pass # require username/password dialog

pkcs12 user.pfx # Use pkcs12 for ca, pub/pvt key
tls-remote /OU=Hosts/

client # This is a client config
dev tap # Ethernet Tunnel mode
comp-lzo # Compress traffic

verb 1 # Logging level
mute 10 # Limit consecutive loging of same cateogry messages
#show-net-up # Log routing table & network adapter info after we’re up

nobind # Don’t bind to local addr/port
persist-key # Don’t re-read keyfile on soft restart
persist-tun # Don’t close and reopen device, run scripts on soft restart