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Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.

I set it up as you described enabling the QOS classes on the outgoing interfaces ETH01 and ETH02 instead of the MLPPP DSL interface ppp0. Since each physical interface would be receiving about half the bandwidth of ppp0 I simply adjusted the bandwidth limits in the QOS class to reflect that.

Seemed like it should work however…

It seems that the QOS engine seems unable to classify ANY packets leaving from ETH01 and ETH02. Perhaps this is because in a MLPPP setup the packets are split across those interfaces. I’m using multi-link PPP, not regular load balancing.

Enabling the rule with your corrections but putting it back on ppp0 brings me back to my original problem as it seems to limit both the upstream and downstream traffic.

Seems like I must be missing something obvious here but…???

Any ideas?