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@SysEngBD wrote:

Did you happen to have a SanDisk Ultra CF fail?

When I bought our Soekris boxes I opted to get everything from them (Soekris) and the CF they sell is SanDisk Ultra. Both of the routers have been in production for 10 months so I’m wandering if I should get worried…

(I’ve got an ALIX running ZS as well but it has a Transcend Industrial CF)


I don’t know specifically as I didn’t keep the first failed CF since I figured that failure was a fluke. So far I’ve had Verbatim, Kingston and I believe a Sandisk CF card failure. All were generic consumer grade CF cards purchased from local electronics stores.

My recommendation to you is that you backup your profile every time you make changes to your Zeroshell boxes. I save my ZS profiles on our file server. If you do have a failure, you can be back up and running pretty quick.

If you have a situation where you’re using a ZeroShell box with a configuration that will be pretty static once it’s initially setup then you should make backups at that time. For example, setup your router, make all your configs, test and tweak, then backup the profile. Now image that CF card to a file (I use Linux to do this, eg. dd if=/dev/ of=/server/backup/routers/ZS01/ZS01.img bs=4096).
Then if you keep a few blank CF cards around, you can quickly replace a failed unit by imaging the backup onto a blank and slapping it into your ZS box.

As for worrying about your configuration, not to spread panic, but you’re approaching the time frame when mine started to fail which was between 10-14 months. I guess you’ll find out if your San Disk CF’s are industrial grade or not.

I was half tempted to try microdrive CF’s but that kinda defeats the purpose of using flash based storage in the first place.

Anyway, get out ahead of this and take the chance to bring down your ZS boxes during off peak hours, image the CF cards, and get some spare CF’s in stock. Then you’ll be prepared for the worst.

Honestly, I wish there were SSD’s in CF form factor.