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BTW, I don’t think Soekris is really at fault on that.
For most routers designed to run from flash, writes to the flash devices are minimal or non-existent. Many devices log to ramdisk and update to the flash in bulk (ie daily, hourly etc.). This and other design choices greatly enhance the life of the Flash device.
In the case of ZeroShell, this is a system designed without these optimizations that happens to also run from Flash. It was really designed for use with a hard drive. I think this makes it much harder on Flash storage when it comes to write cycles. Now add to that the heat the CF card has to deal with in an embedded router device, especially as compared to in a camera, and you have a recipe for early failure.

The only real solutions (that I see) are:

– Create a ZeroShell Flash edition with optimizations for reducing writes to storage
– Setup ZeroShell to mount a remote network share and do all or most writes to that