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Thank you for the response! I do/did indeed have b14.

I just got a network expert friend of mine to configure everything remotely. “Sadly” it works now, and thus I can’t help anyone else with what the solution was as I have no idea what was wrong originally.

Now if only the 3g modem didn’t drop the connection occasionally without realizing that it has dropped… looks like I got to make some sort of a script that finds out if the connection is still working and if it isn’t, identifies the pppd’s pid and kills it which causes wvdial on the 3g gateway ubuntu machine to finally figure out something is wrong and to redial.

For some reason, only torrent data seems to correctly route through gateway 2 using netbalancing rules. Other LAYER7 configurations don’t seem to do anything just yet so I guess there’s still a whole lot of things for me to do.

A bit of basic linux knowledge (even if it’s all gotten from google and probably instantly forgotten) won’t do any harm so a nice and fun project to work on 🙂