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Regarding – CF Cards with 2,4 and 8 GB will be nice for storing the log files

1). Load the 2,4,8,16 GB SD with ZS like you normally do
— you will have a big free space at the end of the disk
2). Now boot with the ISO image from CD with SD in reader
2). redo the IP address and access web interface
3). Get to the profile mgnt in setup and backup the current one
4). Delete the Profiles partition on the SD card using the web interface
5). Create the new partition with size you desire on SD, name it “Profiles”
6). Restore the profile
7). Reboot to SD

Boom done, new bigger Profiles area

Regarding Alix 2.0 — I am using a NetGate SD3, works great and cheap too.

I second the VPN 1411 support, I personally would be willing to buy the card and send it to Dev staff if they would add support.