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@DWJames wrote:

ok, thanks.
If the patch needs to go into the pre boot script, does that mean that it is applied each time the zeroshell boots and that it doesn’t rewrite any standard code?
So this way I can try it and if it doesn’t work for me I can just remove the pre boot code and revert to standard?

Correct. Removing the snippet from the pre-boot script and rebooting will remove the patch.

@DWJames wrote:

Do you have some more information on what this patch does aside from the sticky routes?

Route stickiness was the last thing that that I fixed on the patch. 🙂

1. The primary reason I started on the patch was to get net balancing and QoS to co-exist. They both use fwmarks and in the non-patched version they are used in such a way that they conflict with one another.

2. Then I addressed the return paths for connections originating on the Internet. This is needed if you are running an externally accessible server on your LAN and wish it to be available over any of the WAN links. Think mail server with your DNS having multiple MX records, one for each of your external IP addresses.

My two links have very different speeds so with normal balancing on them I seldom ran into the stickiness issue. But others did so the later versions of the patch addressed that.

@DWJames wrote:

Also, how does it deal with a sticky route if there is a line failure?


If/when there is a failure on a WAN link the routing tables are changed and that has the side effect of clearing the routing cache. So stickiness is reset when a WAN link fails or recovers.