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are you sure that the solution is patch the kernel and not to change how to define bond ? is not a complete patch. I have to compile to 2.6.25 ?
The question is this kernel match your hardware now and in the future ? You have to work in virtual environment then.

At last i can try in my spare time or you have a time line to end ?

I am not sure if the patch will resolve the problem. From my understanding the patch will allow you to define a different bonding mode called weighted round robin.

This allows you to set a ‘weight’ for each interface that is bonded so one interface will receive more of the traffic than the other. I believe this will help when bonding connections with different bandwidth like a 50/5 cable modem and 20/1 vdsl2 line..

I do not have a time line as it would be for my personal use. Thank you for the development version of r16! 🙂