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thank you for providing the instructions – thanks to google for translating them 😉
As i just found out, the problem was on the server side. For testing purpose, i initially set up a a VM running ZS on a virtualization server behind a standard ISP router. All i did is to forward the VPN ports to the external NIC of the ZS VM and besides activated the router’s VPN passthrough feature. But as i described earlier, this setup would somehow only allow a VPN (LAN-LAN) connection initiated from a DSL client and not from those clients connecting via a 3G modem.

Today i did a second approach using a fresh SZ Barebone as VPN server, directly connected to the DSL using a pure modem and PPPoE dial in.
And as you may guess, all my VPN test clients (no matter wether DSL or. 3G) directly connected. Great!

Now to the tricky part…

I want to achieve a mobile Video-Broadcasting unit, that uses multiple 3G modems (and if on-site available a local WLAN / DSL…) to allow constant video streaming for live events. All the video and distribution part is been approved on several events so far, but we always had a proper DSL connection to build on. A single 3G connection does not offer enough throughput (we need about 1Mbit) and is a single point of failure.

There is expensive professional hardware (like that would cover all our needs, but is beyond our budget so far.

So time to get ZS up an running providing all those features needed. Possible?

With the working VPN through 3G modems i was then today able to set up a small barbone that uses 2 separate 3G modems, that connect to my fresh ZS VPN server. I followed the 1-n instruction on to build the bonded VPN’s, configured the Load Balancer, assigned IP’s from the the same subnet to the bonds on both sides and configured static routes (see document).

No i’m total stuck on how to set up the computer that does the streaming (is on a dedicated subnet on a spare eth port with dhcp etc.) to sent all traffic trough the bonded VPN tunnels using the gateway on the server side.
This routing stuff is new to me and i couldn’t find a proper manual that discribes this very issue.

To wrap up, the VPN bonding and balancing seems to work but i have problems to set the correct routing on both sides.

Enough for today! I’d appreciate any help and look forward to share a final working solution with the community here.

Greetings from Berlin,