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atheling thanks for the quick response and for giving me another way to try to go arround this issue

Fulvio did a great tutorial on setting up ZeroShell with openDNS [url][][/url] and also thought on how to disable any intent of using another DNS (“Firewall setup to prevent non OpenDNS DNS use”) which worked fine.

I’m using the restrictions for a company environment. Through proxy (black/withe list) and firewall I was able to restrict Messenger, Facebook, and other web contect forbidden by “Company Policy”, but as you know https is harder to block using a proxy, so I thought I can use the OpenDNS method to control that. Mainly I want to prevent the webchats through https.

Of course I belive tha the best method to prevent the internet abuse among co-workers is to educate them… but try to explain that philosophy to your boss.

The good thing is that this is not urgent (yet).