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@wonderaug wrote:


Your walkthrough is really solid and though i got it working i had some trip-ups 😉 along the way. Here are some of my issues

– My distro is ubuntu (Lucid 10.04) so ifrename doesn’t work

– I cannot start my VPNs till i remove the up/down scripts that you created, the log files i created said something about –script-security

– Once I reboot, I lose my bond interface and even the virtual interface that i created for my secondary ip address. This is the most worrying part for me cos it means i have to run modprobe every time i reboot

I’m still trying to get NAT working but i think i’ll figure that out soon. For now I’m running my infrastructure in a virtual environment. I would appreciate your help with the challenges I encountered. I think this is a more feasible solution than running zeroshell in a datacenter. Like I said before, solid walkthrough!

Ok so you need to just add:

script-security 3

(or 2 should work) in the config file on the server.

Also not only mode you should also set the up delay so not just:

echo 0 > /sys/class/net/bond0/bonding/mode

but also :

echo 7000 > /sys/class/net/bond0/bonding/updelay

Or if you renamed to BOND00 like me:

echo 7000 > /sys/class/net/BOND00/bonding/updelay