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Hi Mario , I tried some different vpn configs with ZS , L2L , L2L bridged , H2L , H2L bridged, all worked fine , my default firewall policy on both ZS is drop , ( input and forward chains ) , so everytime I needed to adjust the fw rules (sometimes on phisical ,,but almost everytime on virtual interfaces..) to permit traffic from/to end-points in the different configs…are your fw rules correct ? what the logs say ? you should be able to ping ( and arping , since the hosts are in the same broadcast domain) from hosts connected to ETH01 siteA to hosts hosts connected to ETH01 siteB and vice-versa , while the shared docs is a bit slow if you are using the vpn over internet ( in a lab enviroment , using the vpn over lan , obviously is a lot faster).
Could you post the output of iptables -L ?