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@fulvio wrote:

the release 2.0.RC1 solves the issue of hang at the boot time if the ldap db is corrupted. Could you upgrade?

Yes and no.
See my other post here:

The Zeroshell 2.0 RC1 refused to boot (at all) on the Transmeta 800, so I installed there the 1.0 beta 16 (and it is working allright 🙂 ).
Now the idea is:

  • have the EPIA 5000 work with 1.0 beta 16
  • once it has been tested “in parallel”, replace the Transmeta 800 with the EPIA 5000

as a matter of fact the 2.0 RC1 refuses to boot at all on the EPIA 5000 also, but that could be well an issue with the filesystems/BIOS/whatever, I need to do a few more tests to make sure, and hopefully find the issue for both the hardwares.

In a more general “plan” the idea is:

  • test BOTH the 2.0 RC1 AND the 1.0 b16 in the EPIA 5000 (and have BOTH releases working) but temporarily have it running the 1.0 b16
  • have the Wi-Fi access (for which I am now using the Transmeta 800 with Zeroshell 1.0 b16) be NOT interrupted if not for the strict time needed to switch the hardware, replacing it with the EPIA 5000
  • test the 2.0 RC1 on the Transmeta 800, and IF successful, configure it and have the Wi-FI access again interrupted for the sheer needed time to switch the hardware
  • have the EPIA 5000 with 2.0 RC1 installed ready as “backup/emergency” machine
  • in a longer period, when I will be able to take “out of current use” another EPIA 5000, and I will then “retire” the Transmeta and have two identical hardwares running the same version of Zeroshell and easily “flippable” in case of need