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I have 4 static ip’s and I want to use 2 of these to offer public email and web hosting. The other 2 are already being used direct from the ADSL router (set up in pass through mode) so there is no issue with the router. The first two go direct onto another 2 linux gateways and are working without problems. So the other 2 I want to use through Zeroshell.

The Zeroshell hardware has 5 nic’s. ETH00 is being used as an admin interface on network. ETH01 and ETH02 are going to be used for the static ip addresses 78.xx.xx.44 and 45 subnet mask and gateway ETH03 is spare and ETH04 is running dhcp on network. It is on this network that I want to host the virtual machines that I need Like my public email server and web hosting. As I need more servers I can additional static IP addresses. I am using Proxmox to virtualise.

I have had some success but only when I use just one of the static ip addresses and the settings dont stick

I want to route traffic on one static IP address directly through to the email server on (well just 993, 443and 22) and on the other static IP address 443 and 80 to the web server on and vice versa. In certain circumstance I will also want to block traffic between the virtual servers so they are only accessible from the outside and admin interface.

At some point I also like to allow access from one static IP to a windows terminal server but force all port 80 and 443 traffic requests out through another IP address.

That will probably confuse you as I have not explained it very well.