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I would like to migrate my openvpn server to zeroshell. I’m using zeroshell for a while, but wasn’t able to setup openvpn.

The connection establishes every time, but the trafic cannot go through the tunnel. I cannot even ping the gateway.

About the setup:
I’m using the default values, except the port, which I modified from 1194 to 1195. It’s needed, bevouse there is a virtual server entry in zeroshel for 1194 which points to my old vpn server.
Also, I have added the net in the “Client IP Address Assignment” section.
My lan’s details are:
zeroshell ip:

the net, which i added to the vpn is
Source NAT is checked
I didn’t modify anything on VPN99 adapter.
I have a Bridge which consist of the LAN side NIC and the wireles adapter.
Firewall: All chain default policy is ACCEPT, there is no special rule to DROP any packet.

Do you have any idea, what could be behind of this? I really want to get rid of a separate vpn server since zeroshell supports vpn.

Also, could you please tell me where can I found the server configuration file for openvpn? (i mean on the zeroshell file system) If I cannot make it work through the gui, I would try by hand.