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Sorry I am slow as Zeroshell 1.0 was running for quite some time w/o me even remembering I had a router (see how stable it is!:)…

…but now that 2.0 is out, I have a question: can I just insert a new CD with 2.0 into the box with configuration of 1.0 saved on a HDD and reboot? Will it automatically pick up 1.0 saved config and carry on?

And just want to use this opportunity to thank Fulvio for incredible work he is doing and to re-state how happy I am that Zeroshell is out there. Zeroshell has truly taken all troubles off my shoulders.

I never stop recommending Zeroshell to everyone who is looking into using a router.

Thank you Fulvio! Much appreciated. Your work proves you are an old school developer – quality and user oriented!