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@DrmCa wrote:

Figured my CD image was corrupt from using download accelerator… 2nd try…

No good! No more load balancing, limited under 6 mbit.

Actually, after more testing, I managed to force some load balancing to occur after adding many download segments. With 1.0 and Atheling’s patch the 2nd d/l segment would almost 100% be load balanced. Here I had to add 6-7 segments to get load balancing.

Do I need to remove Atheling’s patch? Maybe it’s interfering…

You may want to run a checksum of your 2.0RC2 image. I’ve seen some reports that some of the download sites (one in Switzerland?) may have bad copies. Incidentally, my 2.0RC2 CD ISO has this SHA-1 hash: f7abb94f0808b9675d7f072fb662c3256b051e0e and has been working.