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In the upper part of Zerotruth there are two images, the image with the logo and the image of Zerotruth, which overlaps, loadable from the config page that identifies the service (hotel, school …). The second image appears on interface of the Captive Portal and on tickets to be printed. The image with the logo of ZT (base.png) is not editable. This choice is dictated by the view that the reference is correct, only on the administrative side, at ZT that Zeroshell. Realizing that for the “companies” is also important customize this graphic part there is a possibility using the following steps:
1. Process the file “base.png” to your liking containing however, even in the background and reduced, the Zerotruth logo with reference to Zeroshell;
2. send the logo changed for email ( )
3. enter the code that you will receive before you insert the image.