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I realized the problem and it is that it is not installing on the CF Cards or the USB Cards.
I tired multiple 1GB & 2GB CF cards and USB cards.

They are all reporting the same error at the end on the Image install.

ERROR Message with 2GB Cards: 1967128576 bytes writtenWrite error after 1967128576 bytes (8192).

ERROR Message with 1GB Card: 1018691584 bytes writtenWrite error after 1018691584 bytes (8192).

I have clean the CF and USB using the DISKPART / CLEAN commands and it still reports the same error message.

I have tried using the “ZeroShell-3.0.0-Disk-2GB.img.gz” & the “ZeroShell-2.0.RC3-Soekris-2GB.img.gz” images with no luck.

I have run the “physdiskwrite” on both Windows 7 & Windows 8 from the CMD line in Administrative Mode with no success.

I am trying to get my Soekris net5501 board back up and running.
I am completely down.

Can anyone help or advise?