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Yes, it logically should be unrelated, but it started exactly the moment I installed the module and was not fixed by removing it. I am still waiting for any ideas as to why LB, which was working fine since I booted into new v.3 and up until I installed bonding module is not working so well anymore. To add insult to injury, this occurred right after I finally installed ZS onto a hard drive after booting from CDROM for years.

Why is it not possible to flip default route every time a TCP connection was established or transferred X number of bytes? Or simply flip default route every second. I watch the LB logs and don’t see default route changing all that often – only when I really go out of my way to create many downloading connections then it sometimes changes and download load balances.

This is very tiresome and frustrating experience from a function that is supposed to just work transparently, because my router configuration never changes. It is still the same as when I first installed 1.0b14 – same interfaces, same DSL credentials, same provider, only a couple of FW rules were added that apply only to a small subset of LAN IPs and I am not on those IPs.