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Thank you for your help.

I don’t understand how it could be the ISP if all is working with a replacement router that dials through the modem, could you clarify for me please?

The DSL line might have issues but the port was reset and is syncing on the ISP side correctly, according to them.

The NIC, perhaps it’s that. I will try with a spare and see if it helps.

I understand the “no internet connection” was vague, apologies. On the Setup startup up page, there is a message board on the right, that thing refreshes itself every-time you open that page. When the pppoe connects and gets an external IP, I go back to the main page and it refreshes fine. I then test the captiveportal and get no redirection, I then proceed to login and see that the message board is not refreshing again but the pppoe still has the status connected. The ISP can see the connection also. When I disconnect, it won’t connect again without restating the modem.

Hope I’ve explained this correctly.


I have fiddled with replacement NIC’s and I still have the same problem.