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Just tried, on the fly, but in real topology:

ZS-A , vpn server, connected to the internet via usb dongle (pppp0) , ETH00, VPN00 inner address

ZS-B, vpn client , connected to the internet (but behind a fw), ETH00, ETH00.12, ETH00.13, ETH00.14 , VPN00 inner address

On ZS-A , a static-route, via

On ZS-B , enabled the net-balancer, (LBFO) , as primary gateway the real default-gateway (weight 32), as ‘secondary’ gateway (weight 1) the ip address of the remote vpn peer,, then , in balancing rules, one rule , s.ip, target gateway There is L3 visibilty among all private networks, and the clients of ZS-B are surfing the web via ZS-A.
tracert to from a client of the network


Traccia instradamento verso []
su un massimo di 30 punti di passaggio:

1 2 ms 1 ms 2 ms
2 166 ms 147 ms 144 ms
3 292 ms 325 ms 375 ms
4 217 ms 195 ms 195 ms ^C

Is enough playing a bit with static routes and, if needed, with some nat rules (for the clients which may belong to the network between Zs and the other fw) for obtain the result.