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@DreiIT wrote:

Ok, I understand.

What I did was quite simple, here a short summary:

  • Extract the initrd.img to a temporary directory
  • Edit the file init so that a shell is called before the boot process continues (almost at the end of the file).
  • Copy the missing kernel module hv_vmbus.ko to the modules directory.
  • Create a new newinitrd.img
  • Boot with the new created newinitrd.img: While seeing the grub-menu press ‘e’ to edit the menu-entry and change the filename. Boot with pressing F10.
  • The initrd will start a shell. Now you can load the kernel module hv_vmbus.ko manually and all the magic happens.
  • Continue booting through exiting the shell (Strg+D)

As a native Microsoft guy, do you mind sharing the rebuild?

About the hyper-v support:
Do I understand these will be in the new kernel? does this include the drivers needed to support the native Hyper-v Nics?