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Old topic : )

Well, my situation is a bit different : 2 standards xdsl (2 X 2.5Mb) -> zeroshellserver with QoS & Netbalancing-> LAN / No VPN

When I connect the LAN directly to one of the xdsl (bypassing physically the zeroshellserver), I only have 2.5Mb, that allright. In this configuration there are no lag at all and the xdsl box monitoring shows normal activities.

But there are similarities with the problem you got when going through zeroshell :

1/ I expect my load threshold to be 5Mb (both xdsl full capacity) ok, but it’s almost always at 100% – in zeroshell monitoring – and everyone lags.

2/ I still have monitoring on each xdsl through the admin of my internet provider’s boxes : When zeroshell indicates it’s already at 100% of the expected 5Mb, the monitoring of the boxes show that they’re not even at 20% of their capacities (1.5Mb/s total consumption)..

3/ I haven’t try to switch to FAILOVER only, which I will, but there’s one thing which is suspicious to me :
– I have a static Ip adress which bypass the QoS rules (but not the netbalancing), and if i get synch problems sometimes (eg : with httpS), i DO NOT HAVE lag problems at all…
– The inner-LAN is connected to zeroshell server with a switch (2 ethernet RJ45 cables) and a network card that are both 10/10 only.
From the led-monitor of the switch, i read it is @ 100% usage already

So I wanna try two things :
– switch to failover
– replace switch and card for 10/100 devices

but I have the feeling it has connection with the QoS …

I’m not sure it’s of any help, but it’s the closest topic to my problem I’ve read so far…