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Looking good. I’ve compiled it pending copying to my zeroshell.

One thing to note I think these are in the wrong order..
Run configure & make
./configure –libdir=/Database/dnscrypt/libsodium/lib –enable-static –prefix=/Database/dnscrypt && make
Copy the libsodium header files to the src folder in dnscrypt.
cp /Database/dnscrypt/libsodium/include/sodium.h src/proxy/sodium.h
cp -R /Database/dnscrypt/libsodium/include/sodium src/proxy/sodium

I had to do the two copy lines before ./configure would complete without error?

Also how does CDE get over to the zeroshell machine? The tar doesn’t seem to contain it so I get
/Database/ line 4: /Database/dnscrypt/cde-exec: No such file or directory