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javiARG thanks a lot!

Looking anxiously forward to your kind reply about the limitations.


+{- After installing Zerotruth I’m no longer able to login using mobile devices; by clicking on “Login” button nothing happens and I verified it is not connected;

This happened after you applied the zeroshell profile?}

This happened after I have installed Zerotruth. Since then, mobile devices cannot access the network because the “Login” button is not working (just nothing happens); not even setting the original template. Before Zerotruth I was able to access with any mobile device system (e.g. iOS, Windows Mobile, Android etc.). N.B. “Info” button is working fine.

+{- Finally, I would like to know if and how I can remove the “Change Password” and “Connections Details” buttons from the user login window.

There is a password recovery option checkbox in configuration.}

I have already unchecked it but “Change Password” button is still there. The procedure is not working, because I disabled it, but I don’t want that those buttons are being shown, especially “Connections Details” button, which I cannot even disable though.