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I’ve been into this pain.. but having an alix helped me.
Basically the ISO image supplied for ZS is a VGA while APU require a serial.

I did it blindly, created an image on a stick, tested on a computer then insert it into APU. After boot I connected my laptop, assigned a static IP and used the browser to connect to

From GUI ( SETUP -> BOOT ) I changed the Console from VGA to Serial 115200 and then rebooted. Now the serial cable worked as it should and I was able to transfer the image.

I wanted to post my experience but beeing so cumbersome I wanted to investigate what files are changed on the image and then post a simple how to. Unfortunately I was more busy compiling the missing bits for APU ( LEDs, buzzer, GPIO, temperature ) .
You can get the APU missing drivers from here:
I also developed some LED scripts for APU GPIO with ZS that I am going to publish soon.