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I have a working patch for this.
This will allow you to specify a template url + username and password. Works well for me with
You can test here

I didn’t publish it yet because there are a few things that needs to be tied in:

1) Design – Current ZS version is basically an iteration from the very first one that supported dyndns and store only limited data. I had to rewrite how data are kept to be more general. This was bigger that I initially thought:
While is working great on custom mode it need to be checked on legacy modes.
2) Not all providers will have a check url so I had to piggyback on dyndns. This is also a major issue when using net balancer.

3) Split DNS – this happens if you have ZS to host a local authoritative zone. A simple example is having a as a dyn dns and having as an SOA on ZS. In this way will be your NAS. 😉
The original ZS script will use the ZS resolver so if this happens then you will need to update the internal pointer on ZS resolver which is in LDAP.
This is one way to implement this, the other is to use the DNS server from a forwarder. I did it in the first way (updating LDAP) but my feeling is that the other way is more elegant.

4) DynDNS and Net Balancer in balancing mode. Currently there is no way of associating a DynDNS with a connection defined in Net Balancer. Unfortunately the process does the change by accessing a checkIP url in order to get the router IP. Basically in this scenario DynDNS will randomly update to one of the connection.

5) DynDNS and multiple independent GW. Let say we have LAN1, LAN2, WAN1, WAN2 and WAN1 and WAN2 are 2 different IFs without netbalance or failover each having its own dyndns. (personally I don’t see this as a likely setup but is possible).

My current version deal with point 1 and 2, I also have some code that address point 3 and nothing for point 4 or 5.