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I did exactly that myself for the user interface scripts, I ended up writing way much more code than initially expected. 🙂

I think this is the way to go, just use same licence as ZS ( GPL 2 )
If you are going to work on the User Interface you may just clone my repository and create a new branch. I already have 3 branches
bugfix for bug fixes
sensor-integration for adding CPU temperature in the interface
dyndns – rewrite of dyndns to support custom provider plub bugfixes.
I am thinking I may try to do an interface for wireless.
The master branch is reserved as a copy of zeroshell release and you can see the updates between releases.
In order to apply a feature we create a patch based on diff between feature branch and master and apply that on test/production instance.

If you are going to work on other things then is completely up 2 you.

I also compiled a few things here, hostap 2.5 and drivers for apu2: